My one little word for 2018 is Togetherness. 

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It was actually a  toss up between unity, us and togetherness. I kind of wish there was a word out there that combined the three. If you can think of one, let me know. Togetherness is kind of long and quite the mouthful…

So the reasoning behind my choice is as follows:

  1. 2018 is the year JB and I will become empty-nesters for real. More than 28 years of in-house parenting is coming to a close, and as we celebrate 30 (!) years of marriage, I recognize the need to take a more deliberate approach to our relationship.
  2. Unity has always been a challenge for me. Both understanding it, contributing to it, and even wanting it. I am quite independent, and given the choice I will quite often opt for ‘alone’ as opposed to ‘together’. Peace and quiet and a good book. Yes please.
  3. My brother-in-law, a licensed therapist, shared his relationship mantra with me a couple of years ago. It has become mine too. “Will what I say or do now, draw me closer to, or pull me further away from the other person?” I need to ask myself this question all the time.
  4. With grown children, family togetherness doesn’t just happen by accident. It demands planning and effort and time. I want to stay close to my kids, so I will need to plan for togetherness.
  5. I live far away geographically from my parents and siblings, and I am not as close to them emotionally as I would like to be either. I need to focus on making an effort to remain a part of my original family too.
  6. Being a full-time student is ultimately quite a selfish endeavor. I love it, but it can be all-consuming at times, and it is easy for me to slip into this little bubble of solitude.

So togetherness it is, a daily reminder to reach out and make an effort.

Background title photo credit: @missanmo on Instagram