About Me

Welcome to my corner of the web!

The short version, is that I love writing, and I love all things tech and Social Media, so when blogging became a thing over 15 years ago, I jumped on board, and never looked back. 
 Nobody reads blogs anymore, so this has become a repository for stuff I have written. 

Oh, and I’m wife to one, mother of four, Procurement Coordinator for an oil-tech company, and recently completed a Bachelors degree in Journalism. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I love dogs. And cats. And Books. And chocolate.

Since you are  already here, you are maybe a little curious about me and the blog’s background. If that is the case,  you can read the long version below. 

Jojo by name, yoyo by nature

When I started blogging way back in 2006, it was actually job related. I was running a scrapbooking website and the scrapbooking community was gradually moving away from forums and over to personal scrapbooking blogs, where they could display their creations and get feedback from their peers. All the scrapbbooking stores created their own blogs, since it was a good way of displaying products and at the same time increase traffic to their websites.
I figured it would be best to test the format a bit on my own first, so I started a personal blog. And quickly discovered how much fun it was. I really didn’t care about the number of followers I had, and was genuinely surprised every time I realised someone had actually read it. So, to begin with, it was simply a hobby blog, where I posted pictures of what I’d made and a few other pictures.
I had not really thought the name through. Jojo’s ups and downs. But it wasn’t taken completely out of nowhere either. I’m slightly unstable you see. Not certified Bipolar. (As far as I know.) Just a bit up and down. Life seemed to be either absolutely fantastic or absolutely horrible.
Luckily (and it really was pure chance), I ended up with my complete opposite. In spite of the fact that all the guys I had previously been attracted to were just like me. Birds of a feather and what not.
My rock. Steady and calm and sensible. A little too sensible at times. Annoyingly sensible actually. I still hoped it would rub off on me. That I would talk a little less. Feel a little less. Get more stuff done. And it did. And I do. Not so much the other way round though. I think.
Anyway, my nickname was Jojo, and my life was a series of ups and downs, especially my scrapbooking projects, so that ‘s the story.

As time has gone by,the blog has become more of an ‘all over the place’ than an ups and downs blog. Not exactly a mummy blog, although I do write about motherhood. Not exactly an interior decorating blog, although I do sometimes write about interior decorating. Not exactly a food blog, although I have written about food – ar at least cook books and eating in theory. Not exactly a book blog, although I do sometimes write about books. It’s not a social science or political blog either. Mainly because I don’t feel smart enough. And I’m kind of a wuss. What if somebody disagreed with me?

And then again; life in general does go up and down and a little all over the place. Although it seems a little less up and down now than it used to. I could start over. With a new blog. A new name. With more politically correct content, and a more concise direction. But I don’t think I will. The blog is still only a tiny portion of my life. An edited version. (Possibly not edited enough.) It will never be complete. And it will just have to do.
And finally, what’s with the language confusion? I have a few English speaking readers who keep asking me to translate my blog, since Google does a terrible job of it. Why do I write in Norwegian? English is, after all, my mother tongue. Ok. The explanation is fairly simple. I write my journal in English. Always have. I have a collection of carefully kept journals since age 12. (Journal is a bit misleading though, since I only write about 6 times a year). They are completely private. My children can read them when I’m dead, if they can be bothered. They are not all that interesting. But they are in English. The idea when I started journalling, was that it would help me preserve my mother tongue. Mission accomplished. So when I started blogging, I thought that since my journals were in English, my blog could be in Norwegian. That simple, and a little silly, since I suspect that I have more English speaking readers than Norwegian anyway. So from now on I plan to write both Norwegian and English blog posts. If I can be bothered. (That was exhausting! My blog posts will most certainly be shorter!)

Update: In 2015 I switched platforms from Blogspot to WordPress and I did change the blog name after all, from Jojos opp og nedturer to Jojobjerga.com. 😉