1SEFamily Historyvideo

#1SE August

A week late. Comings and goings. Firsts and lasts. Friends and family and SCREENS. And back to school. https://vimeo.com/232673949 And


#1SE June and July 2017

Two for one this time. I accidentally deleted the whole app and all my recorded seconds in the app from

1SEFamily Historyvideo

#1SE April

Spring has sprung! April gave us Easter and Händel’s Messiah and General Conference and  sunshine and flowers and fruit and

1SEFamily HistoryPets

#1SE March

1 second every day continues! As usual, filled with pets, food, books, school … oh, and a Kurdish New Year

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1 Second Every Day

I discovered the 1 Second Everyday App last year in March, and really wanted to do it, but just wasn’t