I’m playing catch up on the blog today. I realized I hadn’t posted anything since August, so I guess it’s about time. Although I am thoroughly aware of the fact that blogs are so five years ago, and most everything happens either on Instagram or YouTube these days. Still, this little corner of the web remains a convenient and simple location for me to store stuff I write. Also, I have paid a small fortune to maintain it, and can’t bring myself to just close it down after 13 plus (!) years.

So what have I been up to in 2019? Well, after a year of Project Life documenting in 2018, I switched things up  a bit, and started using the app PRIXM. I wrote about it here. 

In spite of the hype on Social Media when it was released, it clearly has not become as widespread and used as the creators had hoped. I’m genuinely surprised about that, because I think it is great! So, even though I haven’t been able to convince my friends and family to join me there, I have used it myself as a journaling and scripture study tool. Mari and I have used it to discuss the Come Follow Me curriculum, but mostly I have just used it as a safe space to save pictures, videos, scriptures, quotes etc.

It is super intuitive to use, and you can choose from three ‘views’ – collated per month, collated by day, or just entry by entry.

Collated by month
Day by day
Entry by entry















In addition, you can create messaging groups, which is what I did with Mari. I called it ‘Wise and Wonderful’. There we share musings and insights from our personal scripture study. (To be honest, we haven’t been very active these last couple of months though, although we have stayed on schedule with the CFM curriculum.)



There is also a news feed, that can be sorted in to family, friends or customized inspiration. I love how versatile it is – you can add pictures, videos, audio files, or just plain journaling.It’s like a mixture of Instagram and Facebook, but without all the bad stuff. No ads, no likes, no numbers of followers, no spamming…



That being said, as Digital Content Coordinator for the church in Norway, I still spend way too much time on regular Social Media, monitoring the church Facebook and Instagram accounts. Even though I have two very capable assistants, I tend to want to keep an eye on comments and content. Instagram stories have become all the rage this year, as have highlights. So naturally that has trickled over on to my personal Instagram as well.



I post fewer and fewer regular Instagram posts, but use stories and highlights more and more. Never could get a grip on Snapchat, but Instagram is practically the same thing now…

Since PRIXM hasn’t taken off, I worry a little that it won’t be maintained, but as for now it is a great space to document, and I will most certainly keep using it in 2020.