October 20th 1989 we became a family.

Two weeks overdue, Celine made her appearence. She had big, blue eyes and the perfect chubby cheeks, and a sweet, sweet personality – not to mention her out of this world sleeping habits – that effectively ruined us for all our future children…

But I digress.

What do I love most about her?

That she is, next to my DH, my best friend and confidante, always ready to talk and make me laugh, but never afraid to speak her mind. I love that she has a deep rooted sense of justice and really, really wants to do what is right. She is amazing, and I am so grateful she is mine.

And I am not alone.

What i love the most about Celine is her laughter !!

– Joseph

What I love about Céline is that she is generous, creative and dares to listen to her own convictions.

– Magnus

What i love most about Celine is her courage ❤️

– Michelle

She is so strong!

– Simen

She is fantastic and clever!

– Ranya

What I love most about Celine is everything she is! Her strength, both spiritual and physical  her laughter; her bounce; all of her 

I even enjoy her brittle side  and her sense of humour 

I love her curly hair and her blue blue eyes 

– Grandma Cherina and Grandpa Lasse

What I love most about Celine is her unlimited kindness.

– Boris

What I love most about Celine is her charming laughter, her strong mind, her beautiful being, her easygoing flow, her steady faith, her love for star wars, her desire to be good and nice, her love for animals, her explosive power, her presence. She is simply loveable;)

– Marcel

What I love most about Celine is That She’s irreplaceable!

What I love most about Celine is That She is such a spirited young woman!

– Micah

What I love most about Celine is her positive energy and strength of character.

– Uncle Elray

What I love most about Celine is her strength!

– Norah

I love that she laughs easily, that she is thorough and dependable, and knows everything there is to know about movies.

– Dad

She is the world’s best gift buyer, she has incredible will power and is the ugly duckling who turned in to the most beautiful of them all.

– Jonah


Happy Birthday Sweet Sloth!