I am always genuinely surprised when anybody leaves a comment on my blog. Pleasantly surprised. But surprised all the same. I have always thought my blog was more of an electronic journal than an actual window to the outside world where people who know me,( and even some who don’t) would keep tabs on me.

And since I’ve always written in Norwegian, the follower potential has been rather slim. Over the last few months though, I have realised that there are actually some people out there who check in on a regular basis – and to those few, I apologise for my sometimes lengthy blog absences. I added the Google translate feature a little while back, mostly for Julie’s sake. But I don’t think she uses it much.

Last week Stephanie left a comment on my blog, and just for fun, I decided to read the translated version of my own post. It was hilariously bad.

So, in order to assure Stephanie that my English really isn’t as bad as Google makes it out to be, I’m writing this post in English. (Pride, the universal sin. I know. I know…)

In my previous post I was trying to explain that the road adjacent to our house has over the years become very trafficated and noisy, and because of regional legislation, all three neighbours on our block are required to construct a ‘sound barrier’ wall together. Since our neighbours have finally decided they want to go ahead and do it, our plans to renovate the kitchen are being postponed a couple of years. Norway is one of the worlds most expensive countries, and anything requiring labour or construction of any kind is outrageously costly. But I’m not really complaining. Norway has many other endearing features, and although the cost of living is not one of them, the others make up for it. The nature, the clean water, great maternity leave legislation, free college education, free medical treatment… and I’m sure many more – I just can’t think of any right now. 🙂

And now over to something completely different. I love to throw stuff away. No. Let me correct myself there. I love recycling. Clothes, paper, glass, plastic, metal. It makes me feel responsible and grown up. But sometimes it’s hard to part with favorite clothes. So now I am feeling particularly pleased with myself for having turned one of my favorite sweaters and a favorite skirt into cushion covers.

They will reside on our bed at the summer house on Bjergøy. A little too pink for home. 🙂 I’m heading out there tomorrow for an overnight girls trip with my sister in law Helgunn and 5 other friends, and will take them with me. Together with the teapot that has been expelled from the kitchen at home…