Today is our 30th anniversary.

Our pearl anniversary.

It’s mind-boggling to me that we have been together for that long. We were babies.



Since I’m in Oslo for ten weeks, JB drove over from Stavanger to spend the weekend with me.

One of the perks of having a daughter who works in the hospitality industry, is being hooked up with employee rates at nice hotels. So we are staying at the Radisson Blu Plaza hotel, smack in the middle of Oslo, and since it was our anniversary, we were upgraded to a business class room on the 32nd floor.

Yesterday evening we went out to a lovely restaurant, Cru, and had a delicious meal.

That’s all very nice, but the REAL celebration has been spending time together, relaxing and talking and reminiscing about our 30 years together.



Last night we spent three solid hours just trying to list all the highlights of our life as a couple.

We giggled and cried (well, I cried…), and I was filled again with an incredible sense of gratitude as to how I lucked out and ended up with this pearl of a man.

Here are 30 reasons I love being married to him (in no particular order):

  1. His self-deprecating sense of humor.
  2. His ability so see other peoples needs, and respond to them.
  3. His work ethic.
  4. How he treats his mother.
  5. How much he loves animals.
  6. How good he is with children.
  7. His cooking skills.
  8. His sense of detail.
  9. How handy he is.
  10. His gardening skills.
  11. How good he is with words.
  12. How willing he is to serve.
  13. How much he likes to keep things clean and tidy, and always does his part and more.
  14. His musical talents.
  15. How supportive he is of my professional and scholastic endeavors.
  16. How proud he is of my achievements.
  17. How in tune with the spirit he is without even realizing it.
  18. He always smells good. Always.
  19. We can be quiet together, and feel perfectly comfortable.
  20. How well he handles adversity, even when that adversity is me.
  21. How calm he is under pressure.
  22. He reads. I love a man who reads.
  23. He likes shopping! (But he is still careful with money)
  24. His voice.
  25. His eyes.
  26. His hands.
  27. Those broad shoulders.
  28. I feel totally safe with him.
  29. I can trust him completely.
  30. He loves me.

I could actually go on and on – but you get the idea.

No, he’s not perfect. (Although he is closer to perfection than I am). I could probably list 30 things that annoy me too, and he could probably list 50 about me that annoy him… But still.

We both agree that our marriage, even though we have had our fair share of valleys and peaks,  is totally moving in the right direction.

Heres’ to eternity!