(For norsk versjon, se lenger ned på siden)

Oh well. We blew it. The date limit for getting our annual Christmas update sent off came and went. Therefore we are turning to the wonders of modern technology. Blogs can actually be useful.

The reason for this display of tardiness? Well. We haven’t really been busier this year than before. More likely we found that reading through the last years letters, we realised we were beginning to repeat ourselves, like an old grammophone record. And not that much exciting has happened at the Bjergas this year, and we didn’t take very many pictures either… However, for all of you who have insisted we do one (read: Øyvind Ruus and a couple of older ladies in the UK)here are the highlights. (?)

The observant reader will see from the pictures (further down on page)that at least one of last year’s Christmas wishes were granted. Not until February, but still. The Bjergas have acquired a new family member. She is small and black, and goes by the name of Nemi. Actually, she isn’t that small anymore, being a border collie and golden retriever mix, but she is still the perfect dog for our family – and just as silly and cuddly and scatterbrained as you could expect from a Bjerga-dog, where 6 people are constantly giving her different commands and not able to be consistent for more than 5 minutes at a time.

How come the sudden change of heart? Our dear cat Muffe decided to move to a neighbouring street closer to the seafront. It seems Haraldskroken wasn’t posh enough for him. A very nice family have taken him in, and no prodding or bribing seemed to be able to make him want to come back.

So after a couple of months with no animals in the house, and secretive reading of dog books, Mum was hooked. And to be quite honest, Dad wasn’t to hard to convince either.

Johannes did actually make it to the top of Kilimanjaro, in spite of food poisoning and altitude sickness, and would love to climb another mountain or two, but is staying put at sea level for now. Apart from that, we have all grown a year older. And that is all we will say about that matter. The picture of Mum more than adequately says how she feels about it.(She indulged in a whole day of midlife-crises.)

For Christmas this year the whole Henriksen clan is coming to Stavanger. 26 people and 2 dogs. Should be lively. But mostly fun. Because it has been literally ages since they were all in the same country at the same time.

We are looking forward to that, and hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Christmas Season and wish you a wonderful New Year. With

lots of love from the Bjerga Bunch