Benjamin is 21 years old today. He is serving in the military in northern Norway at the moment, but we look forward to seeing him and celebrating him during Easter.






Here is what we love most about him:

  • That he knows fashion and buys me great clothes (Jonah)
  • That he is athletic, unafraid, polite, has blue eyes, a characteristic nose, is smart, has a testimony and looks sharp in a suit. (Simen)
  • That he is honest! (Ranya)
  • That wonderful smile of his, and that I am related to him! (Magnus)
  • That he is always singing as he walks in the door.  (Johannes)
  • The thing I love most about Benjamin is his smile and his ‘we can do that’ attitude. (Joseph)
  • That he is so self-motivated and independent, responsible and hard working. And grateful. And musically gifted. (Joanna)
  • That he is TALL! (Boris)
  • That he is super smart. (Micah)
  • That he’s a yes-man, that he’s helpful, and loyal and funny. (Michelle)
  • His good mood and his accent. (Nora)
  • That he is elegant, quick to laugh, musical, handsome, smart and just simply fantastic. (Marcel)
  • That he is always cheerful. And that he is so grounded and self assured. (ElRay)
  • His irresistible radiance. (Helgunn)
  • That he always smiles and seems to be happy. Happiness is contagious. (Léo)
  • His interest in always wanting to try new things. And his big smile. (Nathan)
  • The thing I love most about Benjamin is his naturally curly hair, his big blue eyes, his working capacity, his sense of humor, his courage, his sense of style, his love of music (oldies) and his good taste! His warm hugs! All that he is! That he is our grandson! (Cherina and Lasse)
  • He just has such a wonderful personality, and always has! He is so good at developing his talents. He is just a really decent guy, and everybody loves to hang out with him. (Celine)
  • My favorite thing about Benjamin is how sweet and nice he is. One of the nicest people I know, and I love how much he loves animals. (Esther)


Benjamin våren 15
Looking sharp  and serious in a suit…


Happy Birthday Benjababy!!