This is it. Jonah is 20. Our youngest child is no longer a teen. We have not been parents of young children for a while, but now we can’t even claim to be parents of teens..!

It’s great, and sad, and exciting, and terrifying, and all kinds of other mixed emotions.

And with no further ado, here is what we love most about him:

  • I love that he is so tall! (Boris)
  • I love his skater style and lovely sense of humor. (Norah)
  • When you first get to see him, you SEE him, – great presence  – great charisma. (Magnus)
  • I love his kind, loving heart, always open. (Nathan)
  • I love his free spirit and kind presence. (Anton)
  • I love his hugs and kisses, his kindness and easygoing nature. And how good he is with children! (Mamma)
  • I love  him so much that variations of his nickname have been my password at work for twenty years. 😉 (Pappa)
  • I love that he is so clever and witty! (Micah)
  • I love that he is so good natured. (Ingrid)
  • His patience and acceptance, and his ability to make new acquaintances and friends wherever he goes. (Frida)
  • He is daring, but tame. He is diligently lazy. Smart,  but not so foresighted. He is easy to like and easy to deal with. I want to get to know him better. (Marcel)
  • I love that he is such a warm and caring person. (Michelle)
  • Jonah is so gentle. (Ranya)
  • His friendly and cheerful nature. And his beautiful singing voice, of course! (Helgunn)
  • What I love most about my baby brother is that he is super kind and gentle. He is all about Love and not afraid to show it. He is also very chill and laid back. Animals best friend. And the people  he cares about come first. (Celine)
  • I love his sense of humor and that he is always my buddy. Cool style too. (Benjamin)
  • My favorite thing about Jonah is how sweet he is. Whether it’s with the cat or the dog, or with his cousins or siblings, he’s always so nice and sweet and koselig.  It’s an excellent trait to have and one that will serve him well for the rest of his life. (Kim)
  • His relaxed demeanor and cool sense of style (Esther)
  • His funny personality. ( Axel)
  • We love his smiling and loving personality. And he’s so tall! (Grandma Cherina and Grandpa Ragnar Lasse)

(Can you tell that our family is full of short people…? :-))


Jonah bed

Love you Jonah-min!