Just over a year ago, the very talented Carrie Fox took family photos of us, just before Simen left on his mission. She actually managed to make our not so photogenic bunch look pretty  good!

I have shared many of the pictures on the blog throughout the year, but not the family ones.

I have been planning on switching out a couple of the framed ones from 8 (!) years ago that are hanging around the house, with some from this shoot, but I am having a hard time choosing. Here are the most probable candidates:


I love this one. We are all looking in to the camera, but Simen looks so serious…!


I love this one too – but what is Benjamin looking at? The dog probably…


Maybe a cropped version of this one?


Like this? One of the frames is long and narrow – so this might work…


This is the one I used for our Christmas cards. Definitely high up on the list. But Jonah looks like he is freezing. And well – he is! 😀


Or this one…?



Decision, decisions…